Horticultural services

Adam Hompas Landscapes provides professional horticultural services such as,

  • Soil testing and preparation
  • Plant design and establishment 
  • Automated irrigation systems and water management 
  • Garden and lawn maintenance

 There are many factors that need to be addressed before a plant goes in to the ground. What goes where? When to plant? How to plant in conditions that may hinder plant establishment and development (Bad soil properties, lifeless, lacking in water retention, too much water retention).

Soil testing is the starting point for the process of garden and lawn prepepaion to take place. A simple test can tell us how the soil is reacting to the conditions, and what we need to do to bring life back to the soil which in turn, brings life into the plants and trees! 

In addition to this, it is vital to have your garden irrigated via automated water systems. Professionally installed irrigation will provide custom watering settings to your garden that can be independently controlled via smart phones or manual execution. 

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