A tight affair!

Recently, Adam Hompas Landscapes completed a project in Melbourne’s top residential precinct of Windsor. Immediately after the confirmation of the meeting I began thinking about the logistics of the area. Being such a tight access area with only a 2m wide rear lane way entrance, getting materials in and out was a challenge in itself.

These “tighter” jobs need to be prepared and planned accordingly to keep the job rolling efficiently. All excavation had to be performed by hand with skips on site being picked up that day, concrete to be pumped in through the house down stairs and into the back yard. Hmmm…. concrete being pumped in through a finished house with feature concrete and rendered walls…… what could go wrong?! Thankfully there were no concrete blow outs or line breakages, phew!!!

Challenge 2, drainage! This outdoor area was backed onto a garage which was sunken down by 600mm, meaning we had to implement adequate drainage so water would not run down below the footings of the garage wall and possibly undermine the structural integrity. Solution? Agricultural drains with filter fabric and waterproof membrane/plastic were installed and connected to outlets under the garage, this will ensure water will not build up and sink deep below the dwelling.

It’s very important to understand that every job can vary with expense due to the nature of the house, the land, slope, drainage, soil and where it is located. It is always give as much information as possible after the proposal has been sent so the home owners are in the loop of where an expense is going.